Benefits of Website and Server Monitoring Tools

For business that largely depend on company website to keep clients and business associates informed about changes (here a classic example is e-commerce stores, airline or travel company websites, courier and cargo company websites or business websites that support e-purchasing / status upgrade / modifications etc.), need to have their websites up, running and high performance all the time. Continuous and business dependable website monitoring and server monitoring tools ascertain uninterrupted and seamless functioning of various websites components, vital to adequate functioning of an online business. They check a website, server and network round the clock and send real-time alerts if it goes down.

Monitoring server, network monitoring and website monitoring is a round the clock job that requires constant attention for smooth functioning, never the less it is highly rewarding for businesses who venture for a sequence of innumerable advantages at their end. Here we have listed the benefits of Website and Server Monitoring Tools:

Benchmark Website Performance –With network and web monitor tools businesses and online stores can ensure peak website performance, increase page load times and ascertain that all its applications are running round the clock and delivering all services seamlessly.

Prompt Troubleshooting – Massive data is stored on the servers along with various other important files and folders. Tools that monitor website and server keep a watch on all the critical components and thereby provide administrators alerts of all the important events.

Overall Downtime Reduction – With updated and enabled monitoring tools, website downtime can be reduced up to 90 per cent. This is supported through set actionable thresholds on CPU consumption, memory consumption, and traffic on NIC etc.

Increased Customer Satisfaction Uninterrupted web presence brings along increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention rate. With low page load time and minimised downtime, businesses can stop customers from moving to competitors’ domain while exhibiting high levels of preparedness.

Uninterrupted Communication –A server is responsible for executing various functions and email, voice and video communication, instant messaging etc. are some of the critical ones. A server ensures the free flow of information across all verticals and guarantees uninterrupted business deals between you and your clients.

Error Correction –High performance monitoring tools also evaluate and notify if there is any sort of discrepancy pertaining to internal linking structure of your websites, which is an added boom for dynamic websites with ever- changing content.

People may assume server monitoring as an additional expense to website maintenance costs. However, this makes the entire gamut a rather beneficial as it will save you the money that your business would lose due to downtime. Thus is it vital to invest in server monitoring tools that will ensure the maximum uptime of your website.


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