Creating Hyperlinks And Bookmarks With Dreamweaver

Creating hyperlinks with Dreamweaver is a relatively simple task.

To create a hyperlink in Dreamweaver, you simply need to type the text that you want to use as a hyperlink, highlight it, and then click the hyperlink button on the toolbar.

When the screen pops up, you can choose how you want your hyperlink to act.

If you want the link to open in a new window choose the “_blank” option.

It should be noted: If you highlight text and click the hyperlink button and nothing happens, try choosing the split screen mode (where half of the Dreamweaver interface shows the HTML code) then highlight the text inside the HTML and click the hyperlink button.

Creating a bookmark is very similar to a hyperlink, except that instead of linking to a different web page or a different website, you are just linking to a different section of the same page.

To do this you must first create a ‘Named Anchor’.

A named anchor can be created by simply clicking the anchor icon and then choosing a name for the the anchor

Once you have created the anchor, you can highlight some text in a different part of the page, create a hyperlink out of it, using the anchor as the hyperlink reference.

All of this is shown to you Step by Step in the Video tutorials.

It should also be noted that hyperlinks can be styled using CSS.

Using CSS, you can create hover effects and more for regular hyperlinks.

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