Great Tips and Tricks of Finding a Reliable Web Hosting Company

It will be a painful experience to have a potential paying customer visits your site, and finds out that it’s down again, after several attempts to search for your site.

I had this experience way back then when I was still naive on the right hosting company to host my newly born website. My website at then, felt the heat of the incompetent, and sub-standard service rendered by my hosting company.

Did I hear you say, “what about their Support Desk?” Sorry to burst your bubble, their support was like pulling a rabbit out of the hat. It took them ages to respond to me on what was happening.

Having the full knowledge that every time my site is down, I’m losing money, I had to take a giant leap by rummaging through search listings, looking for the most reliable company for my business. I had to go back to the drawing board, carried out an in-depth research on the best hosting company for my business.

And you know what? I found it! My website which initially had low search engine rankings, slow load time, poor security and lack of update features, had a new turn. I had no issue with hosting uptime.

Sound like a crazy dream right? I’m going to risk your snort of disbelief by revealing the top tips of how to find a reliable hosting company for your business without costing you an arm and a leg.

Below is a personalized list of ways you could find an excellent and dependable web hosting company.

Consider the Future of your Business

Before choosing a web host company, you will need to estimate the size of the disk space and bandwidth that you’ll use in the future. Ensure that your potential hosting candidate can handle your future needs.

The very last thing you would wish to do is to change your hosting company while your website is experiencing significant progress. You won’t want to encounter the stress of changing to a new hosting provider, would you?

Excellent Customer Support

If you are choosing a hosting company, you have to find out from past users if it provides good support for 24 hours in a day. It doesn’t end there; also, you need to know if their support is proficient in solving issues that relate to hosting accounts.

Go through their Customer Review

After that, you can make a shortlist of firms that fit these needs, so as to choose the best hosting company for your business. It could also be wise if you would take out time to go through the customer’s reviews of these hosting companies.

This action will enable you to know what people have been saying about the enterprise. The more downtimes the web host experiences, the less time your site will go live on the internet, which would be harmful to your business.

Decide on your Hosting Plan

You should choose if you desire a dedicated hosting plan, or shared hosting plan. Shared plans are usually affordable than dedicated hosting services because several websites share different domains on that server, therefore the costs associated with developing a web server are shared between multiple companies.

Most small business websites will be okay on shared hosting platforms unless you expect to get a large number of visitors to your website every day. When you have no basic notion of the quantity of traffic you’re likely to get, it’s rather a good idea to choose a shared hosting plan initially, with the likelihood to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan if you eventually get a huge amount of traffic.

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