How Are People Making Money Online?

Good question. Doing a search on Google to find ways about earning money online produces just one result.. A headache. There is just far too much information out there to get your head around.

To ease the pressure I have outlined 3 basic methods that people are actually using to earn a decent living & run a successful business on the internet.

1. Promoting other people products as an affiliate. This is probably the most common & fastest way to begin to earn money online. Affiliates don’t normally even have to own the product that they are selling. You can sign up to many affiliate programs for free & start promoting them in next to no time.

The best methods for selling affiliate products is either through a content filled web site or offering them to subscribers of your newsletter.

2. The second method of earning some cash online is to sell products with resell rights. A lot of e-books come with “Resell Rights” & some even come with “Master Resell Rights”.

A product with resell rights allows you to sell the item on following the guidelines to the resell rights, this will normally include selling it for the suggested price & not modifying the product in any way. An item with Master resell rights usually allows you to pass on the resell rights onto your customers so they can also sell the product. Remember every products rights agreement can differ very much so it’s always a good idea to email the creator before you begin to sell any items so you know exactly what your rights are & are not.

3. Selling your own products is the number one method for making the most money online. You have total control over the product because it is solely yours. You can offer master or regular resell rights so you can get other people to sell your product and keep a commission of the sale price. Many internet marketers create a product containing affiliate links related to the product with the purpose of giving it away so other people can give it away. This is a great tactic as your product & links are getting passed around the internet by many different people.

You will notice that the above ways of earning on the internet do involve hard work, anyone who tells you to just hop on, sign up & get ready for the cheque’s to come rolling in the next day is basically lying to you. An online business is the same as an offline business to the effect that they both take time and dedication to build the business up to a decent level. The benefit of an online business is of course you can do this from your living room with a cup of tea close to hand 😉

So there you have it, three simple ways that people are actually using right now to earn their living on the internet from the comfort of their own homes. More & more people are realising that they too can work from home & the internet is allowing this to be a reality for any ordinary person. If you are willing to put in the work & learn whats needed to be learnt then you too can succeed.

I hope this short article has been of benefit.

Jon Davis

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