How to Compare Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage is data storage that is available via a network. There are various services that cloud storage providers can offer, ranging from storing photographs to full data backup. This is an alternative to a hard drive or other computer back up, effectively making the files accessible to more people and with easier access. This is an increasingly popular form of data storage, with more providers keen to offer their services.

Say for example you are working on an article. Generally people advise you to save every ten minutes to prevent losing too much work. However, we have all become so caught up in work that we forget and lose the work, causing a lot of anger and frustration.

Other paid for servers can offer more storage for around 7 dollars per month. This is usually around 5GB. These providers will often have more services for your money, including twenty four hour phone support. Like any payment plan, it is important to weigh up what features you require.

A cloud storage allows you to save in a network outside of any specific geographic location, meaning the data is not tied to one fixed location. This is not to say you should do away with physical back ups altogether, but it does make life much easier.

The downside of some providers is that may be ad revenue generated companies and it may be worth paying the extra premium to not be bothered by advertising. Again though, careful research should ensure you avoid these providers.

Like any data storage, there is nothing to stop people comparing what the various cloud storage providers have to offer. The important thing is to make sure you are getting the best service for the best price.

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