How to Recover Deleted Files – A Few Useful Tips

Everyone has accidentally deleted an important document or file and needed to know how to recover deleted files. It is important not to panic as most deleted files can be recovered. If you act immediately after the deletion occurs you have a very high probability of retrieving your files. Files can even be recovered from corrupted files or sections of the hard drive that has been overwritten.

It is important to use the correct software to recover your deleted files. Deleted files are not actually deleted they are just removed from the file it was saved in. for Windows operating systems the file will have been moved to the recycle bin. Your first step is to look in the recycle or trash and see if you can restore the file. You can still recover files even if you have deleted or emptied the contents of the recycle or trash bin.

Once documents and files are emptied from the recycle bin the system can rewrite over them, it doesn’t mean that they have been written over yet. Many times this disc space will remain the same for quite some time. Many individuals try to recover files through the System Restore feature but this only restores your system to a previous date and cannot recover the file you just deleted.

The best tools to use to recover deleted files or documents are undelete programs. Uneraser is a fantastic program that can recover the file or the parts of the file that can still be accessed, as sections may have been written over. Each undelete program will provide you with the chances of recovering your file. For Windows systems DiskInternals Uneraser is an excellent undelete program. If you have a Mac computer the Data Rescue II is recommended. If you take action right away then you can recover your deleted files.

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