Improve Your AdSense Earnings – 5 Tips

If you want to monetize your website, the best way to do it is through AdSense. Although many webmasters struggle to earn decent money every day, there are others who are raking in hundreds of dollars a day from AdSense. So how can you become one of the latter and improve your AdSense earnings?

1. Use the AdSense recommended formats. These are the 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle, the 336 x 280 Large Rectangle, the 728 x 90 Leaderboard, the 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper and the 320 x 50 Mobile Banner. Try and show at least two of these above the fold and although you will lose site visitors, you will have the revenue from AdSense. I also find that the horizontal link units are quite lucrative. I place mine across the top of the page above each post; they don’t look too intrusive.

2. Create custom palettes. For each of your websites, create a custom palette that matches the background and link colour of your site. It is recommended that you don’t use a border for your ad as it will blend into your site better without one, unless all you text and ads are surrounded by a border. Your ads will blend into your site for a much better appearance and user experience.

3. Use your full allowance of ad blocks. You are allowed three ad blocks, three link units and two search blocks. Use all the ad blocks and maybe two link units depending on how much content is on your page. If there isn’t much content, reduce the number of ads accordingly; your site is meant to be for your visitors, not just to earn money.

4. Try to automate your AdSense placements in WordPress by using a plugin. If you don’t automate your AdSense placements, you will have to put the ad code into every post that you write and believe me, that is a pain.

5. Make absolutely sure that your site doesn’t contravene any of the AdSense terms of service otherwise, at worst, your site may be closed down and, at best, you may have to remove all of your ads. You can read the Ad Placement Policies by clicking the help button in the top right of your AdSense screen and typing in “Ad Placement Policies” then selecting what you want to know. Personally, I would start at the beginning and read the lot. Take a note of anything you might need later.

If you want to improve your AdSense earnings, follow these 5 tips and your site visitors will click on your AdSense adverts.



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