Make the Party Go With a Bang by Building a Remote Controlled Exploder

Its all about insider knowledge. The internet has been at the forefront of revealing insider knowledge to reveal tips and tricks. There are no secrets since the broadband revolution. And here’s another one revealed. Building your own trigger unit to explode Balloons.

SAFETY FIRST. This advice for wiring Techex equipment is designed for people which experience with board building electrical circuits and using exploding balloon triggers. The trigger uses a heating device. You must ensure the trigger and detonator is locked securely without touching anything than will burn. We (the writers) cannot be held responsible for errors made due to misuse or lack of experience. You have been warned.

Electric remote trigger units are available from many auction sites. Although not sold as balloon triggers the kits perform the same remote electrical functions for many house hold devices. The kits are called “RF Wireless Electric Garage/Gate/Door Remote Control units” and can be connected to many electrical components.

The well known auction site has a shop called Techex sells these remote control kits at £6.00

The following purchases also need to be made :

TWO PP3 battery connector clips for a 9 volt battery

TWO square 9 volt batteries

Speaker Cable available from Hifi Stores

Small-gage filament / heat resistor to blow up the balloon

The instructions :

Unclip the lid of the Techex device.

Connect positive cable from one of the battery clips to the screw labelled with a plus sign and the negative cable to the screw labelled with a negative symbol

Connect cable from screw number four to one side of the heat resistor.

Connect cable from a PP3 battery connector clip to screw number five and the other cable to the other connection of your heat resistor.

The detonator needs to be placed in a safe position.

Connect a balloon to the heat resistor and 9V batteries to the connectors.

Hold down the button A for a couple of seconds. Once the resistor is heated the balloon will burst.

Testing needs to be performed before using in any place open to the general public to ensure safety.

For photographs to go with these instructions, visit the balloon decorators websites

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