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When creating a website for online business competitive analysis coupled with researching keywords are some of the first things one will do. This sounds sophisticated, but quite simply we would just check who is on the first page of Google for our particular topic or keyword (s). We would also check how many sites come back in the results when doing a search for “how to start an online business” or the topic of your choice. Do you notice that I put the term in quotes? When doing your search you can do a search, but then do one with your topic or keyword in quotes. This shows you how many websites have that word or phrase in the title tag of the website. In short it gives you an idea of ​​the level of skill the creators of the sites have. Sorry if this is basic to you, I will now move on to more complex things.

A few free tools for competitive investigating are “seo toolbar” from “Seo Book”. This free tool is just one of many out there, but it is good for example purposes. I enjoyed using “Traffic Travis”, but last time I checked it seems it was a pay for product. These tools will yield a wealth of data such as how many links are pointing to the website, page rank, and the list goes on.

Now when installing a website, I started out with trying to learn HTML then painstakingly editing the website when needed. Then I found WordPress, wow what a difference. Not only is it easy to learn (sort of) but it is very friendly to search engines, I won’t go on for the sake of brevity.

On page optimization, yes you guessed it, now it is time to create content. The content should have your keyword (s) sprinkled throughout. They advise 250 words per page or more. The latest updates to Google’s way of indexing all the webpages out there brings into account “user experience” in short if someone goes to your site and leaves quickly your site must not be of much value. This of course has it’s exceptions but the point remains and while on the topic don’t you want the user to enjoy your site? Of course you do to ensure they stick around you may consider a video or anything that would engage them for a time.

A continuation of on page optimization would include proper title tag, alt tags, h1, 2, and 3 tags. The list goes on a bit I won’t bore you. At this point do you see how the first steps are working together and the importance of all being executed properly?

Rand Fishkin of “SEOmoz” is quoted as saying “it seems that seo is quite simple but it is difficult to execute. I hope this was not to drawn out I will attempt to compact the further instructions of the process in another article. !

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