SEO – How to Get Links to Your Freelance Writing Blog

Freelance writing or blogging allows you to be creative and spend time honing your writing skills. A freelance writing blog lets you have an online presence and reach if you are willing to understand the importance of link building. Link building is an integral part of freelance writing that some often forget. Every freelance writing blog should make link requests imperative and encourage reader participation.

What is Freelance Writing?

Before you learn what link requests can mean for freelance blogging sites, let’s define online freelance writing. The Internet has transformed the way that writers find work. Now you can work for yourself as your own employer, and write on topics of your own choosing. You can also use Websites designed with a freelance work model in mind, such as ODesk, GetACopywriter, and Fiverr. Next we will look at why getting inbound links that are tied to your content is paramount.

Why Links Matter

Links are essential to freelance writing blogs because it means that more online users see your blog posts. If you want your writing to attract an audience and help your writing blog gain recognition, you need to focus on links. You want to find the most effective ways to make link building possible. The opportunities exist, but you have to know where to look. Freelance writing is difficult, but it is possible to achieve success with your blog if you focus on content creation and link building. Content is king, and that means creating unique high-quality content that is valuable and meaningful to your particular audience. High-quality content is the best way bar none to get links to your writing blog. By networking with other blog writers and making personal connections, you can also directly ask for others to link to your site. Likewise, it is common courtesy to do the same for them.

Post Comments and Articles on Many Blogs

To have your content read; post comments on many different blogs. This friendly interaction helps to widen your online reach and also helps you form relationships with readers of the blog. Using the comment section of your freelance blog to help encourage link building is key. Communication of this kind is the most efficient means to get links and increase the number of people that have a chance of seeing your content. Submitting your blog posts to article directories might also give you a link building boost.


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