Site Promotion – Basic Elements of Effective Site Promotion

After you have finished publishing your site successfully, it’s time for the world to know its existence. Yes, you are now at the promotion stage, which, in some ways, is harder than the actual making of the site. But don’t despair; the difficulties you may encounter are simply a challenge, and once you overcome them all, the rewards make all your efforts so worth it.

So what’s the first thing you need to do? Make sure your site meets standard search engine optimization (SEO) requirements. You should never sacrifice the quality of your site’s content, but it would definitely not hurt if you apply keyword density standards. A keyword density of 5% to 7% is enough to make your site visible to search engines without destroying the proper grammatical structure of your articles.

Next, submit your site to directories and search engines you find. You have a prerogative to submit to only the popular ones, but don’t limit yourself too much. There are other directories and search engines that aren’t quite as popular as Google or Yahoo, but have a significantly large following.

If you are equipped with enough technical knowledge, you can even venture into the world of advanced SEO. Things can get pretty technical in advanced SEO, but if you’re interested, you can look into topics such as doorway pages, cloaking, and css tricks. Free tutorials are available online if you’re interested in self-studying. If you have the budget, you can also hire people online with extensive background in SEO for a minimal fee.

Site promotion does not yield instant results, but once it starts showing output, you can be assured that it is long term. In the end, your investment will surely return tenfold in due time


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