Success Tips – The "I"s of Greatness

Greatness has in the past been misconstrued as a measurement of the value of one’s assets or possessions. Greatness is in actual fact a factor of how much INFLUENCE and IMPACT you make in your lifetime. INTEGRITY, INSIGHT (Vision) and INNOVATION will propel your reach beyond balance sheet status. It will never profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul in the process. Get that right and greatness will be second nature. People would rather listen to someone with great insight not someone who just has assets and has no clue how to impact others to do the same. It goes without saying that as your network grows then your relationships increase, the circle of power enlarges and in the process your balance sheet shifts positively in value. There is a significant growth realized in the process. You do not gather assets then become influential but you have influence in your own right then assets accrue to your name.

When at some point in my life I lost assets I valued the most due to the worst economic meltdown in the history of the world to date, that of my nation Zimbabwe, I really struggled within myself how on earth I was going to influence people when they had no asset to look which is in my name. I lost cars, many cars, a house and pieces of land. “How can I tell people about success and they listen when I no longer have assets which made my social standing better?”, I would ask myself. My mind opened to realize that I needed to remain positive in the midst of adversity. That alone was a better story to live for than keep focusing on assets which could be replaced in no time. My network still grew as many whom I was leading and those from a distance kept having questions on why I found myself in the predicament I was in and yet still remain focussed.

I have begun to coach others about the I’s above. When I speak from my personal experience, it carries weight and hence the audience remains captivated. I have chosen as part of Integrity to call a spade a spade and say my story as it is. After all, of what use would be my victories if I do not speak about them to build and encourage others. While I am not perfect, I still endeavor to be an example of one that can fall and yet keeps on rising.

Ponder Points – Think about this – What are you chasing? Are you more concerned about the number of assets you amass at the expense of how many people you could touch and influence regardless of your assets? If all assets you have would disappear, would that take away value from you?

Affirmation Points – Say this to yourself – I am a champion, a person of great influence. I have amazing insights and wisdom. I am growing in wisdom daily. My assets do not bring me value as much as the wisdom and influence I have. I am being enlarged daily. I am being stretched beyond where I stand now. I have great and amazingly growing relationships around me.

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