The "Give-To-Get" Principle

Have you ever wondered why do few blogs get all the success while most of them fail? Some of these big guys have thousands of RSS subscribers while most of the others don’t even get into thousands. The answer to these questions lie in a very basic principle. The law of reciprocity and the give to get principle. Failure to follow these principles will almost ensure that you won’t get any long term success.

All truly successful entrepreneurs understand this fundamental principal of giving to others without expectation. What you give may be information, enthusiasm, or inspiration it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you give something to the community before you start to expect anything from it. Doing this in a right and honest manner is important too. The fact is, this principle not just applies to blogging, it applies to all areas of life. Take your job for example, when you start to give more to your company, people around you start to see you differently. You suddenly become a inspiration to many. People start to look up to you to get important work done. They start to trust you. And before you know, you start getting things back. Maybe a promotion, a salary hike and what not?

It’s your attitude towards others and willingness to help without expecting anything in return that makes you attractive. So, how can we use this principle in blogging ?

1. Write top quality posts with an intention of providing your readers with the best information.

2. Be consistent. Get into a habit of making posts everyday.

3. Take negative comments positively. It’s going to vanish pretty soon. Use those negative comments to make your blog and yourself better.

4. Make a improvements to your blog monthly, weekly or even daily. Do it with an intention to make it healthy. Beauty will be a by-product of it.

The proper application of give to get principle will inevitably lead to the principle of reciprocity. When you reach a stage of getting back things, you would not just get the success but it will stay with you for a long time.

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