Web Design – When Should You Redesign Your Site?

If you have built a website, and are currently running it, perhaps you have wondered after half a year or so if a redesign is in order. With the web changing so fast sometimes it’s important to know when to redesign and when not to.

The first place to start is to ask yourself “Why am I redesigning this?”

If you cannot give yourself a clear and concise answer to this question, including which parts need to be enhanced and for what purpose, do not do anything in a hurry. If the site is performing well with current styles and themes, why change it simply on a hunch?

However, if your site hasn’t been changed in 5 years and is missing some vital new technology that is now industry standard such as social book marking or some other gizmo that is standard in which ever industry you work in – perhaps a face lift is in order, as if your site appears to old you may be losing visitors who are not taking your site seriously.

Another equally important thing to remember is : if you have had a specific style for a long period – and then completely turn it on its head, your visitors may be so confused that they may leave the site thinking the company has changed or that they are the incorrect address.

Keep these things in mind, and remember not to create more work than you need. Perhaps your efforts could be better spent publicizing your current website instead of redesigning it.

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