What Do We Usually Do on the Internet?

No doubt we all want to earn some money from the internet. This first article is more like an introduction. I’d like to share with you what do we usually do on the internet earn money internet, so as to lay a foundation for our further earn money internet discussion about each specific detail.

First, we are involved in the internet either full-time or part-time. Full-time means you’re either an internet entrepreneur or a full-time employee in an internet company. With regard to part-time, like me, we just explore all kinds of possibilities that will bring us some extra return in addition to our fixed wages and in the meantime won’t take us too much time.

Second, we can either do e-commerce or advertising. I bet e-commerce can’t sound more familiar to you, right? Rent a host and domain name, pile up stock of some goods, either real or virtual, buy or use open source e-commerce solution, and there you go.

Talking about advertising, we can either build our own website or using some third party platforms. If we build our own website, what do we usually provide? Without question, either content or service. Content could fall in any market niche you would like to work with. Service could come in any form such as search engine, position service, blogging service, bookmarking service and so on. For the third party platforms, I mean those blog service providers, among which WordPress and bloggers are the most famous, and all categories of ad revenue share sites, such as digitalpoint, sitepoint, docstoc and so on. Then, what types of ad we could provide? CPC, CPA, CPM and so on. Here I don’t want to give examples for each type of ads. If you want to get more, please search in Google with related keywords

OK I’ll stop here. What’s written above is just a rough introduction of the scope that my following articles will fall into.

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