Why Do Only 10% Of Affiliates Succeed In Their Business?

There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of tips, tricks and strategies that tell you how to succeed in affiliate marketing. But the unfortunate truth is, only ten percent actually succeed. Why is this? The main reason is because people are generally lazy and don’t want to work, and procrastinate about getting involved in a work at home opportunity.

They say they’ll work for half an hour daily (if that), and this will magically generate a huge passive income. It’s not because of drawbacks in their favorite programs. The reason why 90% of people fail is because they do work properly, and with the right strategy. Therefore, the secret to being successful in affiliate marketing, is to inculcate a willingness to learn the strategies and work them accordingly with a concerted effort.

Nothing comes easily in this world. You must have heard the saying, “there’s no short cut to success”. This statement is true as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. No doubt, it can assist you in earning a great deal of income, but it’ll take time before you start seeing the fruits of your labors. Success doesn’t come instantly in this venture. Below are some important points that should be addressed while promoting your affiliate products.

Cloak Your Affiliate Link

No matter where you insert your link, it’s always best to cloak it. Especially if it’s a long ugly link, your visitors may not click on it because they don’t like the way it looks. Therefore, in order to retain potential buyers and encourage them to click on your link, it’s strongly recommended to cloak your unattractive link that visually shouts that it’s an affiliate link. While some people would object to clicking on a link that might be unattractive to them, others wouldn’t have a problem with this. That just goes to show the differences in people.

It’s The Best Way

People are always searching for information that’s valuable, interesting and informative. That’s why it’s advisable to post quality content on your website or blog. You should also actively participate in this niche. You can accomplish this in several ways. For example, you can send newsletters to your visitors and/or submit articles to article directories.

Delivering quality content establishes you as an authority figure. This will eventually deepen your relationship with those who visit your website or blog. While you’re at it, you should target a specific niche. This niche should be one that has products that you trust, and can write content-rich articles about.

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