Why WordPress Websites Are Simply Better For Business

OK, so why do I believe WordPress rules? Well, over 20 years ago, you had to have a marketing team to manage a corporate website and communications. I’d create the documents and the graphics then feed them to a programmer who made the changes to the website. I had to juggle schedules, allow time for updates to roll-out corporate news and announcements. Now all that has changed! WordPress gives business owners/marketers the ability to manage this activity on the fly, saving me both time and money. It’s truly liberating for many of my clients. When asked, I had similar answers across the board. In no specific order, here are the top five reasons they too love WordPress:

1) Easy To Use/Update – The main dashboard and overall structure of WordPress is organized in very simple terms. An average person, with little-to-no technical knowledge, can easily follow the page/post editing. It’s very similar to any word processing program with spell check, insert images, text styling and more. That said, the initial set-up can be tricky from a file security perspective and overall look and navigation, so I do suggest working with a professional to get it set-up, but once you’re up and running, page/post maintenance is very manageable for even a beginner!

2) Flexible to Add As You Grow – Like many other CRM programs, WordPress is an open source design and allows for flexibility in design allowing your site to grow with your business. Functionality for managing events, membership, e-commerce, corporate presence, video or image galleries, or just a simple blog can all easily be added. This can reduce extra fees applied by third-party services and brings everyone back to one place – your website – to stay in touch which is preferred for branding. The expansion opportunities seem endless as more and more are developed on a daily basis.

3) Loads of Support – From developer sites, the WordPress forum or even LinkedIn or Meet-up Groups, there are mass numbers of people working in WordPress every day so it’s likely a simple search can find answers to any question you have. If not, simply posting a question in the right group will likely get you headed down the right path in a jiffy.

4) It’s SEO Ready! – With the new changes Google has implemented in the land of Search, content now plays a very important role in how you’re found online. It’s no longer smashing a bunch of keywords in the meta data or fancy technical stuff. It’s about relevant content that is keyword rich and current. WordPress is originally a blog format which has been adapted for expansion to a more functional website. The Internet loves a blog because it sees its data as continual change which is favorable for higher ranking. Additionally, you can expand its features to connect with social media components, larger directory components and/or SEO tools to help you specify key information on your pages to help it get optimized ranking.

5) It Helps Keep Costs Low – WordPress itself is a free open source program that your hosting company or web designer can load onto your server. You’re more likely to experience costs related to a designer’s time to set-up and customize your theme, but most of the components are free or have minimal cost that are either one-time fees or yearly subscriptions but they include all updates and ongoing support which is great!

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