Posting a WordPress Article

Once you have an article written and ready to publish on your blog, log in to your WordPress account. Look for the “Posts” item in the sidebar, and click on it. Then click “Add New”. This is where you will create your WordPress article.

Next, fill in the appropriate fields:

  1. Enter a title for the article on the first line. The title should be concise and descriptive (using keywords that are related to the contents of the article), and should pique the reader’s interest to draw them into reading the article.
  2. Enter the content for the article in the text box below the headline by either typing the text or cutting and pasting the text from a word processor. To cut and paste the text from a word processor, simply highlight the text in the word processor document and copy using Ctrl-C (Command-C on a Mac). Use Ctrl-V (Command-V on a Mac) to paste the content into the text box in WordPress.
  3. Formatting text (for example, making certain text bold) and turning text into links can be done using the tool bar above the text box.
  4. Save the article as “Draft” (the button is located on the top of the right-hand sidebar). You will want to keep it saved as Draft until the article has been completely written and formatted. When it is in Draft mode, only you can view it — it does not appear on the live website.
Wordpress article - Fields for new post


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